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Games - Assembler (118 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Yenght Dinamic Software 1984 Spanish
Xenos Radio Shack info, Robert Arnstein Corp. 1982 English Solution
Woodbury End Shards Software 1985 English Solution
Where Sparrows Daren't T. J. Garner 1985 English
War Rafi Deryeghiyan 1987 French
Venus Must Live Molimerx info 1983 English
Valhalla Legend 1983 English Solution, Map, Hints
Valhalla Legend 1984 Spanish
To Preserve Quandic Prickly-Pear Software 1984 English Map, Hints
Time Traveller Radarsoft 1984 Dutch Solution, Map
Throbbit, The T. J. Garner 1985 English
Thirteenth Task, The Arc Software, Orange Software 1986 English
Tanland Adventures, The Microtanic 1981 English
Syzygy Microdeal, Spectral Associates 1984 English Solution, Map, Fixed game
Stranded English Software, Superior Software info 1984 English Solution, Map
Spy Story Aackosoft 1985 English Solution, Map
Spare Tire Antic Publishing info 1988 English
Sherwood Forest Phoenix Software info 1982 English Solution
Search For Murgen's Keep, The ? ? English
Sceptre of Hamloth, The Microtanic 1981 English
Sausages Mirage Software info 1992 English
Saucer Adventure Page 6 info ? English
Sanity Man Powerhouse Software 1986 English
Sam Mallard – El Caso del Cisne Desaparecido ? 2019 Spanish
Sam Mallard - The Case of the Missing Swan Monument Microgames 2016 English
River of Fire J. Morrison (Micros) 1984 English
Return of the Ring Wintersoft 1984 English Solution, Map, Hints
Raäka-Tū Radio Shack info 1981 English Solution
Quest, The A&B Computing 1988 English Solution
Quest for Fire CLOAD info 1983 English Solution
Pyramid 2000 Radio Shack info 1979 English Solution
Potion, The Peter Karlsson 2003 English
Post Mortem Iber Software 1988 Spanish Solution, Map
Plateau of the Past Zytek Ltd 1986 English
Planet of Death Artic Computing, Paxman Promotions, Real Software 1981 English Solution, Map
Pirate Island Hopesoft 1982 English
One for the Road ANALOG Computing info 1985 English Solution, Map
One Dark Night Paul Brunyee 1988 English Solution, Map
Omniverse Computerware ? English
Ocean Hunt Molimerx info 1983 English
Nursery-Rhyme Land Argus Specialist Publications, Your Commodore 1987 English Solution
New King, The ? ? English
Mystery Mansion Mad Hatter Software ? English
Mortville Manor Pyramide 1986 English
Moroni Rhiannon's Citidal 1984 English
Mordon's Quest Abersoft info, Melbourne House 1985 English Solution, Map, Hints
Microsoft Adventure Microsoft, Softwin Associates 1979 English
Madness and the Minotaur Computape, Dragon Data info, Spectral Associates 1981 English
MacGyver - La Aventura Rafael Vico Costa 1987 Spanish
Ludoides, Los Software Center 1985 Spanish