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Games (7667 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Thief, The FRED info 1995 English
Thief's Adventure ? 1986 English
Thief's Tale, A Guild, The info 1991 English Solution
Things That Go Bump in the Night, The Tim Hamilton 2010 English
Things! Advanced Adventure Creations 1991 Spanish
Thirteenth Task, The Arc Software, Orange Software 1986 English
Thirty-Nine Steps, The Zenobi Software info 1995 English Solution, Map
This Is the Game That I Wrote David Welbourn 2006 English Solution, Map
Thomas Bradly 1 - a Chinatown Systems Editoriale 1987 Italian
Thomas Bradly 2 Systems Editoriale 1987 Italian
Thomas Bradly 3 Systems Editoriale 1987 Italian
Thomas Trampon Sipe Software 1986 Italian
Thompson Twins Adventure, The Quicksilva 1984 English Solution
Thor Global Games 1989 English Solution
Thorfinn's Realm Robert Hall, Roy Main 1999 English Solution
Thrallbound Pantheon Softworks 1991 English
Threading the Labyrinth Kevin F. Doughty 2000 English
Three Days in Carpathia Ariolasoft UK, Ram Jam Corporation, The ? English
Three More Visitors Paul Stanley 2011 English Solution, Map
Three Musketeers, The Computer Novels 1987 English Solution
Three Realms of Suspicion, The Roi Bestford ? English
Three Steps to the Left Lucian Paul Smith 1998 English Solution, Map
Thriller Amazing Games 1985 English
Throbbit, The T. J. Garner 1985 English
Throne of Camelot, The McGraw-Hill Book Company UK 1983 English Solution
Through the Enchanted Mirror ? ? English
Through the Keyhole Charlton Tutorials ? English
Through the Looking Glass Gareth Rees 1995 English
Through the Pentacle T. J. Garner 1985 English
Through the Woods Crazy Olaf 1987 English Solution
Thunder Mountain Passage Virgin Books 1984 English
Thunder Road Programmer's Guild, The ? English Solution
Thunderland Load 'n' Run info ? Italian Solution
Thunderland II Load 'n' Run info ? Italian Solution
TI Adventure Alessandro Betori 1988 Italian
TI Puffi ? ? Italian
Ticket, The Gilsoft International 1986 English
Tidy the House Coombe Valley Software 1993 English
Tief im Kerker Gefangen CA-Verlags, Commodore Disc 1989 German Solution
Tiefe, Die Sun Soft 1985 German
Tiempo Mortal Alien Software 1993 Spanish
Tiempos de Magia Grupo Creators Union 1989 Spanish
Tierras de Oman, Las PAC Soft 1992 Spanish
Tightest David Jacob Wildstrom 2002 English Solution, Map
Tijdmachine, De G. A. Lunter 1988 Dutch Solution
Tijeras Year Zero Software 1992 Spanish
Till Death Makes a Monk-Fish Out of Me Mike Sousa 2002 English
Time WoW Software info 1987 English Solution
Time ABC-klubben 1984 Swedish
Time Adventure Software for All info 1982 English Solution