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Demon Knight

Argus Press Software, ASP Software 1983

BASIC info
Atari 400/800, BBC/Electron info, C64/128 info, Dragon 32/64 info, Oric/Atmos, Spectrum, VIC20
Fantasy, misc., Treasure hunt
Entered by:
Alastair, dave, Garry, Gunness, Hermski, iamaran, Strident



Travel through the mysterious land in an effort to find hidden objects, rooms and clues.

Some may assist you in your quest for the Demon Knight, others may lead to your eventual downfall.


The original author is not credited. The Atari conversion was done by George A Greenway and published by ASP Software.

Also available in Norwegian and Danish.

Jim Gerrie has created a port of the original game for TRS-80 MC-10.

YouTube walkthroughs are available for the Spectrum and C64.

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User Comments

Jonathan O (29-10-2020 08:38)

There appears to be an error in the BBC version, as trying to read the parchment just gets the response "I can't read that". I'm not sure if this prevents you completing the game.

ahope1 (29-10-2020 18:46)

I've corrected the READ PARCHMENT bug on But I notice that the CASA walkthrough fails in the Beeb version of the game at CLIMB TREE..?

iamaran (02-11-2020 11:15)

Water the shoot, not the garden, in the BBC version. New solution posted.

Paul Ingerson (02-11-2020 13:24)

In the Spectrum version and Jim Gerrie's unofficial MC10 port, you need to Search King (not Examine King) to find the rope.

Hermski (29-05-2021 17:48)

On the Spectrum version you can't examine post or signpost, nor using search. Tried both uppercase and lower case. just does not work. Any suggestions?

Hermski (30-05-2021 17:47)

Okay, whoever ported this to the speccy, AAARGGG. Instead of Examine, you need to use Search or sometimes Look. e.g, 'search king', 'look post'. You cant 'use lance', you need to 'lance post'. You can't 'spray skeleton', you need to 'blow skeleton'

I am now stuck on crossing the pit, as 'use ladder' does not work. I've tried many verbs but no good. Any suggestions? This is really odd.

Hermski (30-05-2021 18:29)

Okay, by reading the code, the correct verb for the ladder is 'Lay Ladder'

Hermski (31-05-2021 10:45)

C64 Walkthrough

Spectrum Walkthrough

Exemptus (23-06-2022 09:08)

Very compact but crude adventure, relatively popular (in the sense of "known") in its day probably due to the ports. Most versions are buggy. Has a high density of puzzles for its size but it relies too much on guess-the-verb. Not really too playable.