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Black Tower, The

Jim MacBrayne info 1983

Jim MacBrayne info
C64/128 info, PET
Entered by:
iamaran, Strident



Originally written in Commodore BASIC for the PET.

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by Dorothy
by Canalboy
by Canalboy (trizbort)
by Canalboy
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User Comments

Canalboy (13-09-2022 19:57)

Interestingly the author recently tried to play this game but couldn't manage to finish it. There is a bug where any objects dropped disappear into a three inch diameter hole and are lost forever. I am not sure if it is capable of being finished using the C64 version copied from the 8bitag web site but the other game from this era by the author, namely Excalibur, definitely has a bug in the C64 version which prevents you from finishing it. I am reliably informed by Jim however that the Amiga version is completable.

Canalboy (16-09-2022 21:07)

The author and I are currently playing along to this. Jim informs me that Dorothy Millard's walk-through is missing much vital information and is also incorrect in several places. I never look at these things but incorrect information is worse than no information.

ConVivo (17-09-2022 14:23)

Some important points...

There is no mention as to where the torch is obtained. It is first referred to in the walkthrough when you are told to put it in the portal with no information as to how you acquired it

The red green and blue buttons are NOT in the chamber at the top of the beanstalk but are instead are associated with the portal machine.

Canalboy (27-09-2022 11:27)

Excellent news folks! I recently played this through to completion and contacted Jim about it. He has now started work on a modern update of the game. More news to follow.

ConVivo (27-09-2022 18:51)

I'd go further and say that this walkthrough is all over the place, with no possibility of completing the game if you try to follow it. Not only are there many omissions, but there's a lot of completely wrong information in there.

Canalboy (23-10-2022 16:29)

Jim has now finished the new version of Black Tower and its nigh on 40 years makeover will hopefully be uploaded soon; at least when I have finished playtesting it. Apart from a slightly easier maze section off the barren heath and the removal of non-essential rooms in the palace, plus sound effects the game is pretty faithful to the original Commodore PET version.

That means that it is still very large and quite tough.