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Very Big Cave Adventure, The

CRL Group 1986

Unexpurgated Caves, Moron's Quest
Ian Ellery info, St. Bride's School info
Quill, The/AdventureWriter info
Amstrad CPC info, C64/128 info, Spectrum
Parody, Underground info
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Gunness, pippa, Strident



Somewhere, deep in the primordial forest know to man as Epping, lies a valley which time has forgotten and everyone else would like to. And in the depths of that valley, locked firmly into the solid granite is an iron grate. A grate, which, if it could be opened, would lead the hopeful traveller into a vast network of
underground caves in which he might find riches beyond his wildest dreams or encounter grim death in a thousand lurking forms.

Alright. Belt up. I know you've read all this sort of stuff before. This is a cassette inlay, you know. You've got to write things like that on cassette inlays. Now if you don't zip your face up and listen to the rest of it I'll throw that rotten tomato right back at you. Only I won't miss.

Well, now you've interrupted me, I might as well introduce myself. My name is Trixie Trinian. I'm a prefect at St. Bride's and a crackshot with a ripe tomato. I also happen to be the best possible guide for grasping adventurers seeking fame and fortune in the Very Big Caves.

And even if I'm not, I'm the only one you're going to get.


A parody of Adventure.

The game is in two parts, the second part is called Moron's Quest which is sometimes erroneously confused with the Atlantis game Moron.

In 1995, Douglas Harter created an unofficial AGT port of the game with the title
The Spelunker's Tremendous Cave Adventure.

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pippa (01-08-2014 18:56)

There was also an unofficial AGT port called The Spelunker's Tremendous Cave Adventure, done in 1995 by Douglas Harter.