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Pirate Adventure

Adventure International 1979

Pirate's Cove
Alexis Adams, Scott Adams info
Apple II, Atari 400/800, BBC/Electron info, C16/Plus4, C64/128 info, Dragon 32/64 info, Exidy Sorcerer info, MSX/MSX2, PC info, PET, Spectrum, TI-99/4A, TRS-80 info, VIC20
Magic, Pirates, Stuck on island info
Scott Adams Adventures [1: Adventureland, 2: Pirate Adventure, 3: Secret Mission, 4: Voodoo Castle, 5: Count, The, 6: Strange Odyssey, 7: Mystery Fun House, 8: Pyramid of Doom, 9: Ghost Town, 10: Savage Island part 1, 11: Savage Island part 2, 12: Golden Voyage, The, 13: Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle, The, 14: Return to Pirate's Isle, 15: Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, The]
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Alastair, Alex, dave, Garry, Gunness, iamaran, jgerrie, leenew, Strident



Only by exploring this strange island will you be able to uncover the clues necessary to lead you to your elusive goal - recovering the lost treasures of Long John Silver.


Also available in Japanese. Translated to German and ported to TAG by Christian Bl├╝mke.

A type-in version of the game, for TRS-80, was published in the December 1980 version of Byte Magazine.

Apart from the first sequel, a second sequel/remake was released in the year 2000.

As well as the original official versions for multiple microcomputers, there are many third-party ports of this game. New interpreters for the Scott Adams also allow the game to be run on many more platforms than originally targeted.

An unofficial, hacked version titled Monkey Island was written using Tex-Comp Adventure Editor. It is playable on the TI-99/4A.

A version in SmallBasic was produced in 2003 by Joseph Whitton.

The game has been ported to Z-machine.

The game was ported to Hugo by Julian Arnold in 1997.

There is an unofficial (2022) port of the game for VZ200 by R. Banks & S. Marks.

A version of the original December 1980 Byte Magazine version of the game was produced in 2020 by Lurkio for the BBC Micro.

A version of the original December 1980 Byte Magazine listing of the game was produced in 2021 by Jim Gerrie for the TRS-80 MC-10. PIRATE can be selected from the Cassette menu and played online here.

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User Comments

Jewwbat (25-04-2019 16:17)

This was a nice read and a breeze. Almost no "cruel" situations so get out there and get your Pirate Adventure on! Gonna need more Rum.

Exemptus (04-04-2021 17:20)

Very compact, nice, clean design. Ideal for beginners, as puzzles are accessible and logical but not obvious. Immensely popular in the days of the nascent domestic micro scene, and with good reason.

Denk (29-09-2021 16:44)

It's hard to put a finger on, put the gameplay is really good once you get the hang of the two-word parser. Recommended.