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Gateway to Karos

Acornsoft info 1983

Derek L. Haslam
Archimedes info, BBC/Electron info
Fantasy, misc., Treasure hunt
1: Gateway to Karos, 2: Mirror of Khoronz, The
Entered by:
dave, Gunness, iamaran, Jonathan O, Richard Bos, Strident



You are in an overgrown garden, standing before an arrangement of three stones which form a free-standing gateway. Through the gateway lies another world - the island of Karos. On the island of Karos there once lived a wizard called Khoronz who wielded his power with the aid of the magic Talisman of Khoronz.

Your objective is to find the Talisman and any other treasure that remains. The search will be long and difficult, and even if you succeed you must find your way back to the gate and somehow return through it to complete your task.


Originally released by Acornsoft for the BBC Micro.

The author produced and released a rewritten and expanded version of the game for RISC OS in 2023.

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gateway_karos.png Gateway_to_Karos_1.gif Gateway_Karos_RISC1.png Gateway_Karos_RISC2.png Gateway_To_Karos_Cave.png Castle_On_Skarp_Island_-_Gateway_To_Karos_Risc_Version.png


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User Comments

Jonathan O (02-11-2020 08:34)

I think this has been misclassified - none of it is in Basic except for a brief loader file.

ahope1 (07-11-2020 18:03)

Yes, this seems to be a machine-code game, *not* BASIC.

Canalboy (18-09-2023 15:50)

This is excellent news. I play tested Derek's new Risc version of Mirror of Khoronz (the sequel to Gateway To Karos) and I am looking forward to tackling this in a few days time. Incidentally I can thoroughly recommend Mirror as a great game that runs very nicely in RPCEmu, an Archimedes emulator.

Canalboy (11-10-2023 14:47)

I am making some decent progress with Derek's new Archimedes version. There have been few bugs to report and the backdrop of the story and the geography are compelling indeed. As it weighs in at over 300 locations I am taking my time. The NPC interaction is excellent here too.

Canalboy (09-11-2023 13:05)

I have finished playtesting this magnum opus and have uploaded the new expanded map and review to CASA. The latest version of the game will be on Derek's web site. This is one of the best text adventures I have ever had the pleasure to play. It is well worth downloading the RPCEmu emulator to play it on.