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L: A Mathemagical Adventure

Association of Teachers of Mathematics 1984

Richard Phillips info
Archimedes info, BBC/Electron info, PC info, RM 380Z/480Z
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It had been a very odd day. Perharps it was the heat, or the distance you had walked. The morning had passed slowly; first a long walk beside the river and then the coolness of the beech wood. The wood was very dark and you had a feeling that someone, or something, was close by in the shadows.

Unexpectedly, you emerged from the wood. It seemed much hotter. The light was very intense and it took you some moments to notice the old palace. You walked across a meadow before sinking down on a grassy bank.

A glinting light from one of the palace windows catches your eye but your sister, as usual, is immersed in her book and sees nothing. As you turn away from her to look again a welcome breeze rustles a scrap of paper across the grass...


An educational maths-based game for children, originally for the BBC Micro. It was ported multiple times over the years to the various popular computer systems used in British schools.

The game was created and programmed by Dr Richard Phillips and it was produced by a team that included Derek Ball, Tony Corbett, David Rooke, Heather Scott, Alan Shaw, Margaret Stevens, Ruth Townsend, Jo Waddingham, Roger Waddingham, John Warwick, Alan Wigley, John Wood, and David Wooldridge.

A new version for 'modern' PCs was created by the ATM in 2008. An unofficial online remake of the game is also available.

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User Comments

ahope1 (15-12-2013 15:34)

I have fond memories of playing this game with a bunch of classmates at school. Which is why I took the time to create the full, long, and, ultimately, tiresome video walkthrough that's linked to on this page.

Gunness (19-12-2013 14:23)

It's much appreciated :)

ahope1 (07-07-2018 20:19)

The "Search Complete BBC Games Archive" link on this page is broken. Here's the correct link:

Gunness (09-07-2018 13:53)

Ahope1: the broken link was due to the fact that we had registered the game with a dash in its title instead of a colon (L - A rather than L: A). I'm not sure which one is correct but most sites seem to go with the colon so I've decided to be a lemming and do that as well :)