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Loose Ends

Zenobi Software info 1995

Jonathan Scott info, Stephen Boyd
1: Out of the Limelight, 2: Loose Ends
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It had been three years since Sir Ignatius Grimwood K.G. had done battle with the evil criminal, Bert Rosenberg. The final minutes of the conflict had been a fluke, Grimwood had considered, culminating in Rosenberg's timely and yet unsatisfying death. Grimwood knew the villain was a genius and to track him down was nothing compared to the intellectual challenge that the "head-to-head" confrontation should have been. Grimwood regrets that he cannot rectify the irrevocable past, the vicissitudes of which have not changed his outlook on life, despite the fact that he still fears that one diabolo of his past, Rosenberg. For Grimwood there were a great deal of unanswered questions and, in a conversation with his colleague, Obadiah Hardy, Grimwood considered these.

“I still do not understand the reason for Rosenberg’s incursion into the Peregrine Theatre that night,” Grimwood had said. “And, although you have stated that he had evidently stolen something from the owner's office, the reason for his doing so is still not clear to me.”

“All I know is that whatever he stole must have been very important,” replied Hardy, “but it's beyond me what this was.”

For a period of three weeks Grimwood had been receiving letters such as:

Grimwood: Your time has come! I shall avenge my brother, who you killed with your virtuous claims of self-defence. Just remember a Rosenberg never forgets! - A well-wisher, or perhaps not so.

A final letter told him to watch the balconies during his performances of Hamlet, which would mark the first time in three years that he and Hardy would perform at the Peregrine Theatre in the town of Sandbourne. The night of the first performance had arrived and Grimwood was prepared for the revelation of the truth behind Rosenberg's earlier activities and was ready to tie up several LOOSE ENDS.


This game is the sequel to "Out of the Limelight" and, though there is no need to have played the previous game beforehand, it may actually help. "Loose Ends" consists of two parts, the second of which is accessed by a password provided at the end of the first.

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