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Games - English - C (484 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Colossal Cave Adventure Don Woods, Will Crowther 1976 English
Colossal Cave Adventure Anubis Software 1985 English
Colossal Cave Adventure Jim Gerrie 2014 English
Colossal Cave Adventure ? 2008 English
Colossal Cave, The ? ? English
Colour of Magic, The Piranha 1986 English Solution, Map
Colour Pink, The Robert Street info 2005 English Solution
Colours J. Robinson Wheeler 2001 English Solution
Combat Zone Andrew Smith, Robert Bertoz 1984 English
Cometfall ? 2012 English
Coming Home Andrew Katz 1997 English Solution, Hints
Coming Out of the Closet Mikko Vuorinen 1998 English
Commando Pocket Money Software info 1984 English Solution
Communion Robico Software ? English
Commute, The Kevin Copeland 1998 English Solution
Comp00ter Game Brendan Barnwell 2000 English
Complex Guild Adventure Software, The 1986 English Solution
Complex Wade Clarke info 1988 English
Compunet Saga ? 1986 English
Computer Adventure ? ? English
Computer Adventure Victory Software 1982 English Solution
Computer Adventure Virgin Books 1984 English
Computer Lab Adventure David B. Taylor info 2015 English
Computer Solution, The ? ? English
Computorama Hackers Unlimited ? English Solution
Conan Mario Castro 1989 English Map, Hints
Conan Kill Everything Ian Haberkorn 2005 English Solution
Conch Alan Scully ? English Solution
Concrete Paradise Tyson Ibele 2002 English Solution
Condemned Mark Jones 2009 English Solution
Confessor's Sapphire, The WoW Software info 1999 English
Confidential Radar Games 1985 English Hints
Congratulations! Frederick Hirsch 1997 English Solution
Conman the Barbaric Elven Adventurers 1991 English Solution, Map
Connecticut Apple Affair, The Omni Software 1984 English
Conquest of Amy's Holes, The ? ? English
Conquest of Memory Alpha 1001001, 80 Micro info 1982 English Solution, Map
Conquests of Camelot: The Search for the Grail Sierra On-Line info 1989 English Solution
Constraints Martin Bays 2002 English
Contract Nationsoft 1985 English
Convention Blues ? 1994 English Solution
Cops Alpine Software 1990 English Clue sheet
Cordelia Fast Access 1988 English Solution
Cornilius Bismilla 1987 English
Cornucopia Supersoft info 1986 English
Cornwall Enigma, The Guild, The info 1992 English Solution
Coronation Street Page 6 info ? English
Corporal Stone Zenobi Software info 1992 English Solution
Corridors of the Nethermind Celtic Software 1985 English
Corruption Magnetic Scrolls info, Rainbird info 1988 English Solution