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Puppet-Man, The

Larsoft 1987

Geoffrey Hans Larsen
Quill, The/AdventureWriter info
BBC/Electron info
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Towards the end of the last century, there lived a puppeteer whose puppet shows always attracted large crowds wherever he performed. Such was the skill of the puppeteer that rumours abounded that the puppets were in fact not made of wood at all but were actually tiny people who were under the puppet-man's control.

There was to be a Summer Fete centred around the village of Owlsmore. When it was announced that the puppet-man was to attend with his little people, crowds from all over the surrounding country began to descend on the tiny village hoping to witness the much acclaimed spectacle.

On the morning before the opening of the Fete it was discovered that the most important marionette of all had been mislaid or possibly even stolen. The local people, on hearing this news, began to speculate that this was indeed proof that the puppets were (as they always had suspected) living creatures and that one of them had decided to leave.

Personally, you are astonished to learn of the puppet's disappearance because during the night you had had a most peculiar dream.

During your dream you had been visited by Mnemosyne, wife of Zeus and mother of the Muses. She had spoken thus -

"I am Mnemosyne, I am memory. In the morning there will be the discovery that a valuable puppet had disappeared. If you are able to help some of my daughters, they in turn will help you find that which has been stolen."

These words from your dream now come back to you but you are unsure as to what to do next. Then a strange feeling comes over you and you hear the voice of Mnemosyne once again.

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