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Secret Mission

Adventure International 1979

Mission Impossible, Impossible Mission, Atomic Mission
Scott Adams info
Apple II, Atari 400/800, BBC/Electron info, C64/128 info, Dragon 32/64 info, Exidy Sorcerer info, Macintosh, Spectrum, TI-99/4A, TRS-80 info, VIC20
Spy/secret agent
Scott Adams Adventures [1: Adventureland, 2: Pirate Adventure, 3: Secret Mission, 4: Voodoo Castle, 5: Count, The, 6: Strange Odyssey, 7: Mystery Fun House, 8: Pyramid of Doom, 9: Ghost Town, 10: Savage Island part 1, 11: Savage Island part 2, 12: Golden Voyage, The, 13: Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle, The, 14: Return to Pirate's Isle, 15: Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, The]
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Alastair, dave, Gunness



Time is of the essence as you race the clock to complete your mission - if you fail, the world's first automated nuclear reactor is doomed. So, tread lightly and don't forget your bomb detector! If you survive this challenging mission, consider yourself a true Adventurer.


The game was initially published as Mission Impossible, but later went through a name change to avoid copyright issues with the TV show.

The C16 version was called Atomic Mission.

Also available in Japanese.

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User Comments

Jewwbat (25-04-2019 18:14)

Enjoyable but short and sweet. As easy as Pirate Adventure once you know what to do. Seem to have no RNG so if you want an easy break between some of those more difficult ones, then give this one a go!

nimusi (05-10-2019 18:10)

Quite easy. The move countdown at the end is very effective, really creates a sense of urgency!

Exemptus (10-04-2021 21:07)

This adventure looks like the first one conceived as a single puzzle that needs to be planned as a timed task. These kinds of scenarios are usually harder, but in this one the difficulty is offset by the lack of options: there are only so many things the player can try, so success is likely.

FredB74 (28-09-2021 12:24)

It was ported to the Commodore Plus 4 by Andras Szigethy in 1988.

You can find it on Recall Collection floppy #114 available in the Commodore C16 / C116 / Plus 4 TOSEC.

FredB74 (29-09-2021 10:26)

There is a port for the Commodore C16/Plus4 under the name "Atomic Mission". Plus4World download link: