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Adventure International, PASE info 1978

Adventure #1, Forest Adventure, SAGA 1
Scott Adams info
BASIC info, SAGA info
Apple II, Atari 400/800, BBC/Electron info, C64/128 info, Coleco Adam info, Dragon 32/64 info, Exidy Sorcerer info, MSX/MSX2, Nascom info, Oric/Atmos, PET, Spectrum, TI-99/4A, TRS-80 info, VIC20
Fantasy, misc., Treasure hunt, Type-in info
Scott Adams Adventures [1: Adventureland, 2: Pirate Adventure, 3: Secret Mission, 4: Voodoo Castle, 5: Count, The, 6: Strange Odyssey, 7: Mystery Fun House, 8: Pyramid of Doom, 9: Ghost Town, 10: Savage Island part 1, 11: Savage Island part 2, 12: Golden Voyage, The, 13: Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle, The, 14: Return to Pirate's Isle, 15: Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, The]
Captain 80 Book of BASIC Adventures [1: Atlantean Odyssey, 2: Dog Star Adventure, 3: Thunder Road, 4: Deadly Dungeon, 5: Revenge of Balrog, 6: Fortress at Time's End, The, 7: Temple of the Sun, 8: Lost Ship Adventure, 9: Spider Mountain, 10: Lost Dutchman's Gold, 11: Journey to the Center of Earth, 12: King Tut's Tomb, 13: Voyage to Atlantis, 14: House of Seven Gables, 15: Sorcerer's Castle, 16: C.I.A. Adventure, 17: Arctic Adventure, 18: Adventureland]
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Your adventure begins in the forest of an enchanted world. By exploring this world, you can locate 13 treasures, as well as the secret place for storing them.


The very first commercially available text adventure not based directly on C&W's Adventure. The initial advert for the game appeared in the January 1979 issue of Softside magazine.

As well as commercially distributed versions through Adventure International, the game was also published as a BASIC type-in listing for the TRS-80 in SoftSide S-80 Edition. The Adventure Builder was in vol. 2, no. 10, July 1980, pp. 36-43 and the Adventure Interpreter was in vol. 2, no. 10, July 1980, pp. 44-48.

As a type-in, the game was also included in the Captain 80 Book of BASIC Adventures.

The BASIC version was unofficially modified and ported to the Oric by L. E. Holt, and for the BBC Micro by ahope1 in 2020. Jim Gerrie has produced an officially sanctioned version for TRS-80 MC-10; downloadable via his site.

A cut-down version, called "Mini-Adventure Sampler" was also released.

Also available in Japanese and (unofficially) German.

As a landmark, early adventure the game has been officially and unofficially ported many times. Unofficial ports include a version for Z-machine (known to be buggy). The adventure was ported to C by Morten Lohre. A version for Atari 2600, based on the C port, was produced in 2021 by Stephen Illingworth.

Scott Adams, and his new company CLOPAS, returned to the world of Adventureland, with a remake; Adventureland XL in 2019.

Resources (Upload file)

by Gunness
Solution (TRS-80)
by ahope1 ("Original" TRS-80 BASIC version)
by zjuric
by nimusi
Map (TRS-80)
by ahope1 ("Original" TRS-80 BASIC version)
by Jewwbat
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User Comments

Jewwbat (25-04-2019 16:15)

Great first adventure! Only took a couple hours to get through the RNG. DAMN those bees. Managed to die a bunch of different ways!

ahope1 (14-09-2020 23:05)

Here's a BBC Micro port of the TRS-80 BASIC version of Adventureland as published in SoftSide magazine in 1980:

Exemptus (26-11-2020 23:21)

Surprisingly tricky and fun to play despite its minimal design and lack of theme (it had to fit into a 16k TRS-80 Model I). The much later Spectrum version was coded by Brian Howarth, as usual for Adventure International UK ports.