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Voyage to Atlantis

80-Northwest Publishing, Mad Hatter Software 1978

Atlantis, Trip to Atlantis, Journey to Atlantis, Adventure in Atlantis
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Apple II, C64/128 info, PET, TRS-80 info, VIC20
Treasure hunt
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Deep beneath the sea there lies the ruins of an ancient civilization; the once proud and mighty kingdom of ATLANTIS. You have searched for years for this place and have finally found it. You are now ready to explore this legendary city in search of ADVENTURE, fabled treasures, and knowledge.

You must be ready to use all of our skills and courage to survive the dangers that lurk there.


It was originally published as a commercial game for the TRS-80 by Mad Hatter Software.

The actual date of release of the game is unclear. It is commonly copyrighted 1979, although it is missing from the 1979 Mad Hatter catalogue. An earlier, pre-commercial release version, simply titled Atlantis, credited to Greg's pseudonym The Lensman also seems to exist which potentially dates from 1978 and was possibly distributed via BBS.

In-game the title is Voyage to Atlantis, but Mad Hatter also sold the game as Journey to Atlantis; as evidenced by the official Apple II release.

The game was later published by 80-Northwest Publishing in The Captain 80 book of BASIC adventures, pp. 197–205.

Unofficial ports based on the Captain 80 listing are known to exist for C64, PET and VIC-20, often under slightly different names such as Adventure in Atlantis, Trip to Atlantis or just plain old Atlantis. The person that did the VIC-20 port was too lazy to adjust the spacing for the VIC-20's narrower screen, so it's recommended that you run the FAT 40 extender beforehand so that the text wraps properly.

The PET port is credited to John O'Hare.

The Steven Darnold Commodore 64 port has been heavily tweaked and modified, in some cases altering gameplay elements.

The original game was converted to QBasic by Nele Abels, with corrections by Ambat Sasi

In 2017, the game was ported to the TRS-80 MC-10 by Jim Gerrie.

The game was ported to the Poly-1 by Grant Dickson.

The adventure has also been translated to German.

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FredB74 (29-09-2021 10:48)

There is a port for the Commodore Plus4 in ???? under the name "Voyage to Atlantis". Plus4World download link: