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Ten Little Indians

Channel 8 Software info, Digital Fantasia info, Molimerx info 1983

Brian Howarth info, Wherner Barnes
SAGA info
Atari 400/800, BBC/Electron info, C16/Plus4, C64/128 info, Dragon 32/64 info, Oric/Atmos, PC info, Spectrum
Whodunit info
Mysterious Adventures [1: Golden Baton, The, 2: Time Machine, The, 3: Arrow of Death Part 1, 4: Arrow of Death Part 2, 5: Escape From Pulsar 7, 6: Circus, 7: Feasibility Experiment, 8: Wizard of Akyrz, The, 9: Perseus & Andromeda, 10: Ten Little Indians, 11: Waxworks, 12: Midwinter, 13: After the Fire, 14: Beyond the Infinite, 15: Ghost of Mars, The]
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Alastair, dave, Garry, Gunness, iamaran, Strident, WhenIWasCruel



The train clatters along the lines relentlessly, you stare out of the window at the seemingly endless countryside rolling by. Soon you will reach your destination and then you will receive the opportunity to bring into play your famous investigative talents. For a moment you wonder whether or not you have the talent that will be needed on this case - ever since the national press released news of the fantastic fortune to be discovered at the old mansion of Major Johnston-Smythe, treasure hunters have tried their luck. Most of them have never been heard of again.

As the train begins to slow down you prepare yourself for what is ahead by mentally recapping all the information you have gathered so far about the famous treasures:

The Major was a cunning old fox, in order to make it virtually impossible for anyone to inherit his fortune, he had put all his money into gold, cast into the form of a figurine or idol. He then hid this away and told no-one of its whereabouts. Further to this he commissioned Ten more Figurines to be made of various materials and, although worthless in themselves, they were for some reason absolutely essential in order to obtain the main prize. Shortly after this, the Major died and his jealous nephew made public their activities.

The train finally stops, now your task beings in earnest. Can you succeed where so many others have failed, or will death be your only prize?...


The original TRS-80 version, and slightly later IBM PC port, was published by Molimerx.

To obtain graphics on a Dragon requires the computer to be in Dragon 64 mode, otherwise the game is text only.

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User Comments

Gunness (30-08-2012 12:25)

I must admit that it's a bit hard to tell these Mysterious Adventures apart sometimes, but I'll give an extra point for the Agatha Christie nod.

Exemptus (07-06-2020 11:09)

This one is well crafted. The only real difficulty is negotiating the riverbank location, as it needs several replayings to get right - but it's far from the difficulty level of Feasibility Experiment.