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Dr. Who Adventure

James Smith 1982

James Smith
BASIC info
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Based on film/TV/radio, Science fiction
Entered by:
Alastair, Alex, Gunness, jgerrie



After the Doctor collected the Key to Time and defeated the Black Guardian, he received much praise and went on to greater things. The Key itself was again broken into its component pieces and scattered throughout the universe. But dark forces threaten and in order to save the universe, the Timelords once again need the Key. You have been chosen to go forth and locate it for them. You will be given a TARDIS (rather old and unreliable, but the best available) that has the coordinates of the planets on which the six parts are located pre-programmed into it. By RESETing its controls you can travel between the six planets and Galafry. As usual, the six parts are disguised as other things, and you will have to use your intuition to figure out which is which. (There is a way to tell...)

All the planets are inhabited, and most inhabitants tend to be antisocial. Whether you TALK to them, HIDE from them, kill them, OFFER them gifts of appeasement, or simply ignore them is up to you. Most objects are obvious, but some are hidden and have to be SEARCHed for. Only one key part is on any one planet. Beware the maze on Peladon...

You can use commands of up to 64 characters. The program will ignore any words it doesn't understand. Commands can be one, two or three words long.

When you find all the parts (or think you have), take them back to the throne room on Galafry to win.

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