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24-10-2007 (Gunness)

After a couple of days of malfunction in early October, the forum is back online. The downtime was due to faulty settings after my ISP had updated my account. The upside to this is that the entire site - and the forum in particular - is running faster and more smoothly now (and let's just say that this was sorely needed). I have a rather large backlog of solutions and maps to add - work permitting, the rest should be added within a short while. Rest assured that all your submitted files are on their way to publication! Today I've also added a new, revamped game from Simon Allan, Wizard, What Wizard. Once again Simon has updated one of his 1980's games. I've playtested the game and think that you will find it to be a nice, little challenge. If there is positive response to the game, Simon will get to work on one of his other unfinished titles. Contributors: Gunness, Marco, Doreen B, terri

08-08-2007 (Gunness)

A plea for assistance! The current version of CASA is hopelessly outdated in the technical department and lacks the most fundamental options expected by modern users. And I won't make any mention of the numerous broken links that keep showing up. Current updating is fully by hand, it's really tiresome work and it just creates too many bugs. And I'm running out of steam as there are so many more things I would like to do with the site. A good friend of mine has been working on a new version, on and off, for several years (and in my euphoria, I might just have indicated on a couple of occasions that something new and exciting was brewing). Alas, said friend is all caught up in work, and at the current speed a new & much needed version of CASA could be quite far away. As my own programming skills are rusty, to put it mildly, I would really appreciate it if there were somebody out there willing to lend a hand with the coding. So far, the new version is being developed with PHP5, MySQL 4 and Subversion 1.4. Anyone interested in assisting is very, very welcome. So, please get in touch! Contributors: Gunness, Matt Forbes, Emily Shields, greybeard33, Robert Henderson, Barbara Gibb

02-08-2007 (Gunness)

Today's update mostly comes from a raid of the treasure troves over at Stairway to Hell. And courtesy of Barbara Gibb, we finally have a complete walkthrough for Gateway to Karos, a game which I personally have had lots of fun with. Give it a try if you haven't done so already. Contributors: Gunness, Matt Forbes, Emily Shields, greybeard33, Robert Henderson, Barbara Gibb

27-07-2007 (Gunness)

Once again, thanks to Aran the wanted list has been cleaned up some more. Have a nice weekend! Contributors: iamaran, Dorothy, Viktor Drozd, Doreen B, terri

24-07-2007 (Gunness)

Since last time I've spent a good many hours trying to stop the invasion of spambots that relentlessly tried to take over our forum. Much combat ensued and now we (i.e. the bots and I) seem to have reached an armistice. Well, at least we're down to two or three registrations per day, a trifle better than the 40 or so daily entries when the war was at its peak. I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. Once the next version of the forum software becomes available, I am convinced - totally unwarranted, of course - that the problem will dissolve in a puff of black smoke (oh, the naiveté...) Aran Johnson has put a lot of energy into weeding out in the wanted list. A number of titles turn out to be less than fullblooded adventure games, and I only have my own lazy butt and lack of research to thank for their inclusion on the list. Aran has also been kind enough to come up with material for titles that actually belonged on the list. Thanks for your efforts! Also a special thank you to Doreen Bardon for her solutions to various ACE titles. Meanwhile I have a number of my own solutions and maps to add, but since this update is more than overdue, I'll save those additions for next time. Yes, I know, the wait can be unbearable at times. Ehm. Until next time... thanks to all contributors and happy adventuring to all! Contributors: Ken Hart, iamaran, Gunness, Dorothy, Viktor Drozd, Doreen B, terri

15-05-2007 (Gunness)

With today's update, three games have been removed from the wanted list. Thanks for helping out. I have quite a few more additions, which will be added next time. Sorry about keeping your contributions waiting, but my current work schedule is quite loaded. Contributors: Ken Hart, Gunness, Dorothy, Doreen B, terri

22-02-2007 (Gunness)

Shesh.... yes, delayed "a few days" indeed. Anyway, without further ado, here are 15 new solutions as well as seven hint files, all from the ever-active Terri Sheehan. Today's update also features a new Spectrum adventure from Simon Allan (apologies, Simon, for taking this long!) The game was initiated in 1985 but never completed until 2006. Simon has cleaned up his two-part game thoroughly for all Spectrum fans to enjoy. Please find it in the downloads section.
There's also a speed-run solution for Zork I from Bill Piercy.

Contributors: Bill Piercy, Gunness, Doreen B, terri

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