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15-12-2004 (Gunness)

As part of my continuing struggle to bring the site into the 21st century, I opened a new and much improved version of the discussion forum yesterday. I hope that as many of you as possible will want to use it and join in the ongoing debates. The old forum remains open if anyone wishes to read it, but I strongly urge everybody to post only in the new forum. Contributors: iamaran, Gunness, Jason Davis, Gabriel, Dorothy, Amby, Dimitris Kiminas, Geoff, terri

07-12-2004 (Gunness)

It's been a while - as quite a few of you will know, babies leave precious little time for pastimes such as gaming. But the little lady (who, by the way, is doing really well!) does give me a few moments' rest once in a while, some of which I dedicate to this glorious purpose. I'd like to thank everybody who struggled with me through The Odyssey, which turned out to be some nut to crack (thanks, partially, to some strange puzzles). Good luck on the next project. I've gone through the piles of mail - yes, piles indeed - and have added most of what you've sent me. There's some more material buried deep in the pits of my mail log, and I'll do my best to unearth them a.s.a.p. I'll also update the wanted list with better info on the games in question. This update features no less than 37 new solutions. I believe this to be a new record! A special thank you to Geoff Wallis and Terri Sheehan for providing such great number of new items. Thanks, both of you, and to the rest of you who keep sending me interesting bits of text and maps. Finally I'll just mention that I've bought a .com domain and will begin transferring files to that within a short while. First project will be to create a new forum which will be a lot better than the current. Stay tuned... Contributors: iamaran, Gunness, Jason Davis, Gabriel, sky-non, Dorothy, Amby, Dimitris Kiminas, Geoff, terri

01-10-2004 (Gunness)

I'm awfully busy these days, so rather than letting you wait even longer, I have decided to upload what I have prepared now. Rest assured that all your submissions will be added as soon as possible. I'm really pleased that the forum has worked so well, and I hope you'll continue to find it a useful resource. There has been a lot of confusion over the game Sangraal - or is it Quest For the Sangraal? I believe the game was originally released under the first title and then converted and given the second name. Or something to that extent. I have now moved the game to reside under the original title. Also, the link for Polarware's Talisman has been fixed. Finally, next on my to-do list is an improvement of the requests list. Coming right up! Contributors: Gunness, Jason Davis, sky-non, Amby, terri

17-08-2004 (Gunness)

A totally non-adventure'ish topic, but here it is all the same: yesterday I became the father of a beautiful little girl. This is my first attempt at parenthood, so there'll be a lot of things to learn during the process. For the very same reason, I won't have a lot of time for the page in the next period. If you don't get an answer to your mails, please be a little more patient than usual! Contributors: Gunness, terri

11-08-2004 (Gunness)

Hope you're all enjoying the summer! Here's some various new material. Contributors: Gunness, Sherwin Robb, Guido, Geoff, terri, Martyn Amos

18-07-2004 (Gunness)

A number of new solutions today, including a couple of requests. Contributors: Darren Kuhn, Gunness, Julian Fleetwood, Sherwin Robb, Guido, Geoff, terri, Martyn Amos, karvic

06-07-2004 (Gunness)

Adventure gamers are usually a friendly lot, so fans of the genre should consider visiting the annual UK Adventure Convention. The event takes place at the end of October in Coventry, and new visitors are more than welcome. Thanks to Karen Tyers for the tip! Contributors: Darren Kuhn, Gunness, Julian Fleetwood, Guido, terri, karvic

30-06-2004 (Gunness)

A brief update today - I have a pile of new solutions and maps coming on Monday. Martijn van der Heide needs your help! An unidentified Spectrum adventure has surfaced on World of Spectrum. The game in question has been misfiled as Aftermath from Alternative Software. Can anyone help find the real title and/or publisher? Please contact Martijn or me if you have some info. On a different note, I have finally managed to get in touch with Keith Campbell, of C&VG and Commodore User fame and my favourite adventure columnist of the 80s. I am very pleased to have located Keith, and his story will appear on the site at a later date. Contributors: Erudite Troglodyte, terri, Martyn Amos, Sean Murphy

20-04-2004 (Gunness)

Recently I came across the latest version of M.E.S.S., and it's anything but what is indicated by the name. M.E.S.S. is a cross-platform emulator in the sense that it emulates dozens and dozens of different 8-bit machines via an easy-to-use interface. Users of the arcade emulator M.A.M.E. will instantly feel at home (incidentally, the core code of M.E.S.S. is based on that very program). It runs on various platforms, including Windows, DOS, MacOS and Linux. It's well worth a try for those of you who feel just a tad overwhelmed by all those emulators out there. Today's update features 13 new solutions with more on the way. Several people have pointed me to the Bedlam solution, including Jack Johnson, Stefano Lorenzin and Vicko Visatovic. Thanks, people, and to the rest of the contributors. Contributors: Sherwin Robb, Erudite Troglodyte, terri, Martyn Amos, Sean Murphy

01-03-2004 (Gunness)

Sherwin Robb has sent me a round of Zenobi walkthroughs, enjoy! Contributors: Chris Thompson, Sherwin Robb, Erudite Troglodyte, terri

27-02-2004 (Gunness)

Here's a new round of solutions for your enjoyment. Zenobi's games are getting well covered indeed. I have been away to London for a few days so there are no contributions from myself this time. For various reasons I would like to ask a favour from all you nice people who keep sending me material. If possible, when you're writing the walkthrough please add information on what machine the game is for and who released it. I know a lot of you do this already, but for those who do not, it would make maintenance easier. Thank you! Contributors: Chris Thompson, Erudite Troglodyte, terri, Vicko Vitasovic

11-02-2004 (Gunness)

The credits from last week's update have been added, and I thought I'd throw in some new contributions from three site regulars as well. Thank you, people! The Zenobi games appear to be quite popular, and I can tell all you Zenobi fans that there's still more to come. In addition, the news archive has been revamped to fall in line with the current look of the news page. It's not pretty to behold, but at least it's consistent. Contributors: Ken Hart, iamaran, Gunness, Erudite Troglodyte, terri, Dave Edwards, Bev Truter, Vicko Vitasovic, Steve Ludlow

05-02-2004 (Gunness)

It's been a few months since the last update, but to make up for it I have tried to cram in as many new entries as I could. The site has become so voluminous that I tend to lose track of what's going on where! And since everything is done manually, updating is rather cumbersome. But enough of that, already. Today's update features no less than 27 new solutions, including several requested ones. I have lots more in the pipeline, so if your contribution didn't show up today, it'll get there next time. Thank you very much to all who lent a helping hand this time around, not in the least to Steve Ludlow whose walkthrough has been on its way for a long time. Finally, Simon Ainsworth has programmed a Java version of his 1984 game, The Greedy Dwarf. The online version plays like a breeze, and Simon has told me that further games can be made in the same manner, if TGD is a success. So please do Simon (and the rest of us) a favour: give his game a shot so that we might have more remakes of this kind. Contributors: Ken Hart, iamaran, Gunness, terri, Dave Edwards, Bev Truter, Steve Ludlow

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It is Thursday, a day of rest. The other archaeologists and all the workers are having a holiday, but you have decided to stay behind. You can't do any work, of course, or you'd be struck down by moonbeams, but it gives you a chance to look at the work you've already done on the ruins of ancient Paris. It also gives you a chance to wander around unhooded, as there is no one else to see you. Or is there?


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