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06-12-1999 (Gunness)

Due to personal reasons I haven't had the time - or energy - to update the site lately. Some of you will know why. I don't want you to think that the site is dead, though, so here's some new reading for you adventure fans out there! I've done an interview with Trevor Hall, author of the classic Twin Kingdom Valley, one of the first games to feature multiple characters. Read all about Trevor's struggle with the game and the company behind it here. There are some new requests and links as well - the latter includes Druadic's excellent map site. His latest massive update is listed here, and I've promised to put a small ad for his upcoming Apple II adventure right here. Thanks for all those maps!! Finally, the requested Amnesia has been added. Contributors: stuwhyte, Jim Groom, Jonathan Blask, Odd Magne Ogreid, Dorothy, Kozísek Radovan, Gunness

07-11-1999 (Gunness)

All the maps are back, and I've added some new ones. Thanks to Druadic there's a new logo as well, which looks a lot nicer than the old one. I've begun restructuring parts of the site, but I just don't have all the time I need for it :( Other than that, look below for the latest news! Contributors: Jonathan Blask, Odd Magne Ogreid, Dorothy, Gunness

24-10-1999 (Gunness)

For various reasons, the maps done by William Degelmann (formerly listed as Textadv) are currently not available. I'm working on getting them back online. And I fixed some credits. That's all for today :) Contributors: MegaForce, Marco Lanaro, Odd Magne Ogreid, Gunness

19-10-1999 (Gunness)

Great news for C64 adventurers: thanks to an intensive effort by Australian Michael Lambert, the author of Castle of Terror has been tracked down. Finally you'll learn the ghastly truth about life, the universe and the solution to Castle of Terror!! There'll be a rewritten solution on the next update, but for now I think you should hear what Grahame has to say. Read it in the articles section And, thanks to a very active Norwegian and a couple of people from Austria (if I'm not terribly mistaken), the solutions for African Safari and Colditz Castle have been completed. I finished CC some time ago but didn't have the time to write it down. And I never thought I'd see the end of AS - turns out it's one of the briefest games in adventure history! Made it past the 10,000 visitors mark - thanks to all! Contributors: MegaForce, Marco Lanaro, Odd Magne Ogreid, Dorothy, Gunness

04-10-1999 (Gunness)

Fixed lots and lots of bugs and broken links that were due to my computer crash. Very important, the link to Dorothy's games in the interview now works. If there are still errors left, please let me know! And, in order not to make you read through this for nothing, I've also added a couple of new solutions, including the extremely tricky MacBeth and the requested Oasis of Shalimar. Contributors: stuwhyte, Ian Preston, zjuric, Dorothy

30-09-1999 (Gunness)

IMPORTANT!! I've suffered a massive computer crash which has delayed this update even further. A lot of material and mails have been lost, so if you've sent me *anything* between August 1st and September 20th, please send again!!! Hi everybody, and sorry for the long wait. I've been busy with work, studies and turning 26. This update features 12 new maps and 12 new solutions, including the much sought-after Rendezvous With Rama. Apparently there isn't more to the game than that. What a letdown! The total # of solution has passed 350 which is excellent, I think! 99% of the solutions are now stored as text instead of being zipped, which should make browsing easier. Finally, I've completed my first interview! Go to the Various section and check out what Dorothy Millard has to say on writing adventure games. As usual, there are new requests. Please help! And thanks to all of you who've already helped!! Contributors: stuwhyte, Ian Preston, zjuric, Dorothy, Geoff

16-08-1999 (Gunness)

Well, this is the first update in about a month. They don't call it summer for nothing! The promised improvements are still in the works, but since I have a lot of work at the moment, I haven't had the time to finish it. Hopefully it'll be ready next time. There's plenty to look at, though, since this is the largest update to the site yet. Thanks to Textadv, I've added 19 terrific off-site maps! They're all zipped, since they're a bit large, but they're well worth the downloading time. Many of the requested solutions have been added, so for some people, the long wait is now over. The walkthrus have also been added to Dark Fiber's C64 pages. However, new requests have been added, so please have a look at them! Finally I've put up the official Level 9 hint sheets - try them before you use the solution. It's a lot more fun that way :o) Enjoy! Contributors: stuwhyte, Kabish, zjuric, Ian Preston, Dorothy, Geoff, karvic

18-07-1999 (Gunness)

Not much to say this time, apart from the fact that the often requested for Se-kaa of Assiah is finally here. Thanks Dorothy - and everybody else. I've fixed a few bugs (thanks Leon) and altered this page a bit. Enjoy the summer! Contributors: Mike Gerrard, stuwhyte, Kabish, zjuric, Ian Preston, Dorothy, karvic

05-07-1999 (Gunness)

Well, it's been a long while since the last update, but finally my exams are over. To delay things even further I just spent 4 days on a music festival along with 70,000 other people. Great fun and no relations to computer games at all - but now that I've partially sobered up again, it's back to work on these pages :o) Fortunately other people have already been at work, so I'm happy to say that there is a lot of material coming up. Special thanks to Dorothy Millard and Stu Whyte for supplying huge amounts of solutions, which will appear in the weeks to come. This results in the largest update to this site yet: 15 new solutions, including one for the classic Speccy adventure, Castle Blackstar! This also means the the Amstrad will get much improved coverage from now on. However, it does not mean that I don't need material from the rest of you!! Please send maps, bug reports, hints and everything else you deem interesting. I can see that the links section and this page are both getting a bit messy. On top of that, I seem to recall that I promised something like markers designating my personal favourites etc. I'll try to give the whole site an overhaul in a not too distant future. I've added a couple of very interesting new links, so don't forget to check those! Contributors: Mike Gerrard, stuwhyte, Phoebe Fuentes, Ian Preston, Gunness, Dorothy

07-06-1999 (Gunness)

This will be the last update for a while since I have two papers to deliver on June 30th. Please send me material and questions, and I'll look at it.

Contributors: CJ_Egern, Phoebe Fuentes, William Heckadon, Ken Hart, zjuric, Gunness

24-05-1999 (Gunness)

Finally I've gotten around to adding the hints section. A massive "thank you" to Ken Hart for leting me use his hints pages. I've started adding hints of my own, so please check back soon as more material will be added. I should have done this a lot earlier, and I can only urge you all to use the hints before the solutions. Solutions are meant as a help for the really desperate. I know that many people prefer playing adventure games with a solution in hand - of course it's their own choice, but it really ruins all the fun. Please send me hints!!! - preferrably a bit cryptic, so they don't give away everything. I've also made a new section called Various (covering ... various areas [duh!]). This section will along the way cover reviews, interviews and such. For now, however, have a look at Dark Fiber's pages on Traditional C64 IF I've added some more requests - so, please people, help us out! I've also fixed a number of bugs in the solutions for Frankenstein, Wolfman, Bugsy, and Dracula. All thanks to Henrik Jensen! If anyone else has found bugs in the walkthroughs, let me know. And I've fixed a few credits, too, thanks to Karen Tyers. Finally, I've added a small copyright notice for those who want to use material from this site.

Contributors: CJ_Egern, Jonathan Blask, Ken Hart, zjuric, Gunness, karvic

14-05-1999 (Gunness)

The new Star Wars movie premieres in the U.S. in just five days. For the rest of us, the wait will be somewhat longer. So, why not spend it on some classic adventure games instead??? The number of solutions has now gotten past 300, with a massive (by my standards!) update this time. BTW, Zeljko Juric is being a really nice guy sending me all those maps - but there must be others with maps lying around. So please, send me some maps!! I fixed a tiny bug in the solution for Secret of Bastow Manor, and a broken link for World of Spectrum. I also added a number of new requests - so please help!

Contributors: CJ_Egern, Jonathan Blas k, zjuric, Odd Magne Ogreid, Gunness, karvic

29-04-1999 (Gunness)

Finally it has been done! C64 owners who have ever taken a shot at Anirog's Catacombs will agree: this has to be the most illogical and incomprehensible adventure ever made. 'Say "boo"' to scare a demon and 'Trace symbol' to open a door??? But now there's a solution for it! Well, have a look at Odd Magne's walkthrough for this game and you find loads of obscure puzzles... Another often requested title would be Mystery of Munroe Manor - a very atmospheric game hampered by obscure puzzles (must have been an early 80's trend - hehe!) I've finally gotten around to writing the solution for it, so please enjoy. And if you've never played Mindwheel, you're missing out a lot. This is one of the finest adventures ever written. And now there's online help if you get stuck. And once again, my exams are looming on the horizon, and the weather's getting decent too. Both usually have a negative effect on my adventure game efforts. But don't let that stop you! Please keep the contributions coming and help the archive grow. Meanwhile I'll have yet another look at Rama in my spare (?) time. If you like a challenge, please join Dan Barber and I, who are equally baffled by this game. More next time... Contributors: df, Andrew Williams, zjuric, Odd Magne Ogreid, Gunness, karvic

19-04-1999 (Gunness)

Thanks to all for the continued support. Visitor #1000 trickled through the gates on Friday night! Once again my own contributions will be very limited, and this will probably continue for some time as I have a lot of exams to prepare for. This means that your contribution is needed more than ever. Please check both the Wanted page, as well as the complete index. If you have something not found on this site, mail it to me and earn the gratitude of a lot of people! The solution for Twin Kingdom Valley is finally complete! Petter Sjolund from Sweden has sent me the last command of the game, so for all you people who wanted to finish this classic properly, now's your chance. In addition, the solution for The Secret of Bastow Manor has been completed, thanks to Dark Fiber and Phil Turcio. I've also added an incomplete solution for Blizzard Pass, a pretty huge and (overly?) complicated game. I know that the author of the walkthrough, Zeljko Zurik, is very eager to finish it. I couldn't help him much, but perhaps you can? Contributors: Phoebe Fuentes, df, Andrew Williams, zjuric, karvic

08-04-1999 (Gunness)

The mirror at Commodore Zone is now up and running - and it seems to be generating more traffic, as hoped! Apart from that, I've added a much asked-for solution, plus some other material you probably didn't know you were looking for. Enjoy! Contributors: Amby, Phoebe Fuentes, df, zjuric, Gunness, karvic

31-03-1999 (Gunness)

I'm under a lot of time pressure at the moment, so there won't be too much going on for the next week or so. Don't let that stop you from mailing me new material, though! And now for some good news! The terrific C64 site, Commodore Zone, has promised to host a mirror of these pages, which should hopefully mean some more exposure (I'm not very good at adventising, but the visitor # is approaching 600 anyway, in just 6 weeks, so somebody must have an interest in these things :o) - I don't know exactly when the mirror will be up and running, but hopefully it won't take too long. Daniel Visser, from Beam Software, has contacted me and confirmed that he has solved Castle of Terror fully - now all needs is to remember how he did it (hehe!). So stay tuned. I came across Gateway to Karos for the BBC the other day. This is a true classic! I remember reading about for the first time in 1984, and finally I've gotten around to trying it. For an early 80's game, it's actually very good, with a terrific atmosphere. You can find it on the links page (via The BBC Lives). I've made a temporary map since the game is fairly large. It's not complete yet, but it should help people who are just getting started. I'm not as good a mapmaper as Zeljko, so I've just drawn it in Word. Have a look! Contributors: Amby, Shawn B. Ryan, df, zjuric, Gunness, karvic

26-03-1999 (Gunness)

There's no sign of help from the Beam employee yet, but there's still hope. In the meantime I've added some more material to keep you occupied! Please check the requested solutions as I've added a lot of new titles. Contributors: Amby, Shawn B. Ryan, Roy Fisher, zjuric, Gunness

18-03-1999 (Gunness)

I have contacted the very helpful Beam Software, who claim to have an employee that has solved Castle of Terror completely. I can't wait to hear from him :o) The promised hints section has been pushed back a bit due to lack of time. Anyway, there's plenty of full walkthru's coming in...there are now 275 solutions on the site, only 6 incomplete. I'm hoping to reach 300 soon. So people, keep sending me material! I've added a section called "Solutions coming up" under Still to do. Check it out if you're impatient :) Contributors: Finn Bolding, Roy Fisher, zjuric, Gunness

14-03-1999 (Gunness)

"Finally, it's here! The walkthru you've all been waiting for!!" - yeah, right... I've added my version of Castle of Terror with a lot of notes. If you have anything to add (I do mean anything) - contact me. I want this game dead - now! :-) This game hasn't been solved properly yet, gentlemen - that's really a disgrace for all adventure players. Zeljko has made a image explaining the legend of his maps. I've placed it at the top of the Solutions-page. I've made a few errors over time - hopefully the worst have been corrected now: The Timezone solution didn't work, I had swapped the solutions for the two Quest For the Golden Eggcup solutions, and I forgot to add the links for the The Quest solution. Contributors: Finn Bolding, Phoebe Fuentes, zjuric, Gunness

11-03-1999 (Gunness)

I'm back after a very, very pleasant trip to Paris (cold and expensive, but still very nice!). And I've had a lot of work lately, which will benefit my bank account but doesn't exactly work wonders for this site. But thanks to everybody for the continued support and feedback - I'm very grateful for it! I've updated every page, so please look around. There's a new link for C64 users and more requested solutions, among other things. This site is something that I've wanted to do for a long time, but I always wondered whether others would have any interest in it. Apparently some people have :-) Please spread the word of this site if you know anyone who's interested in the genre. Someone pointed out to me some days ago that the site lacked a requests area. Oops, my fault! Please check the requested solutions on the Help page. The Most Wanted page was actually meant as a request page, but it's obviously to me now that I haven't really told anyone ;-) Well, now - if you miss anything, don't hesitate to mail me! I've started working on Rendezvous With Rama for the umpteenth time - now progress should be possible, with the original game map in hand and help from another player. BTW, if anyone is interested, I'll make a mailing list that announces updates to these pages. Finally, loads of thanks must go to the hard-working Zeljko Juric for his shipment of maps. I hope you like the format. I'll try to upload some solutions of my own. So far, however, they're all on paper :-( I'll try to add as many maps as possible, but I don't have a lot of server space. But for now, everything is fine. Check back soon as I'll add a new section with hints. Contributors: CJ_Egern, Phoebe Fuentes, Martin Brunner, zjuric, Andrew Williams, Rene van Hasselaar, Gunness

25-02-1999 (Gunness)

I'm off to Paris for some days now, so I won't update the pages for the next week or so. But I'd like to thank people for the feedback. Keep the material and comments coming! Until next week, then... Contributors: CJ_Egern, Martin Brunner, Andrew Williams, Rene van Hasselaar, Gunness

22-02-1999 (Gunness)

Contributors: Finn Bolding, Jackie Holt, Gunness

21-02-1999 (Gunness)

I'm still very interested in getting some feedback. So far, I've only heard from one person. I'm trying to spread the word of the site. Thanks to Martijn van der Heide for putting up a link! I added a link for Laner's Electric Mayhem, a very interesting site for C64 users. Contributors: Finn Bolding, Jackie Holt, Gunness

17-02-1999 (Gunness)

Improved the layout a bit and fixed some of the links Contributors: Gunness

16-02-1999 (Gunness)

The site has been up and running since yesterday. Hopefully there won't be too many technical problems. Since this is a paid-for site, it's completely commercial free. Contributors: Gunness

11-02-1999 (Gunness)

Finished adding material from the IF-archive and from Ian Preston's Spectrum pages. The design is also tolerable now. I just have to find me some web space... Contributors: Blood, Graeme Cree, Gunness, Terry Stewart, Vaxalon, Ambat Sasi Nair, Chip Hayes, Ian Preston, Sheree, Rene van Hasselaar, Erik Futtrup, Dorothy

01-02-1999 (Gunness)

I've just gotten the go-ahead from Volker at the IF-archive and World of Spectrum's Martijn to use their solutions. They'll be added within the next few days. Contributors: Blood, Graeme Cree, Gunness, Terry Stewart, Vaxalon, Ambat Sasi Nair, Chip Hayes, Sheree, Ian Preston, Rene van Hasselaar, Erik Futtrup, Dorothy

26-01-1999 (Gunness)

Well, at the moment basically everything is new :-) For now, I've more or less just uploaded the solutions that have been available for a couple of years. Apart from that, have a look around. A lot remains to be done, but in due time, more will be added. I fixed the solution for The Hobbit somewhat (someone pointed these errors out to me long ago), and hopefully now it's not as bug-filled anymore. Still, it's a very tricky game to do solutions for! I've also tried to tidy up my existing solutions by reformatting them and removing some of the Danish phrases that were remaining. Contributors: Gunness, terri

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