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07-06-2021 (dave)

People are still beavering away with updating games and providing solutions. We've had a few new and rare games being unearthed too. Thank you to all the contributors!

Contributors: Csabo, Jonathan O, Jesper Hvid, Exemptus, Alex, Garry, FredrikR, boldir, benkid77, sequornico, terri, Alastair, Hermski, Denk, iamaran, Slartibartfast, Paul Ingerson, Oloturia, jgerrie, Gunness, ahope1, Zenobifan2, ASchultz, chrishester, nimusi, Canalboy, stevenjameshodgson, RetroBasic, Dave Edwards, Dorothy, auraes, Stefano, Strident, leenew, Duffadash, dave, adventuron

Random Game

Merlin's Quest


As Merlin the wizard and Arthur Pendragon, you must search for the Golden Harp and, eventually, Excalibur.


As of this writing (August 2013) the game appears to be lost.

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Updated Games

Challenge of Iythus, The (13-06-2021 13:19)
Caves of Mystery! (13-06-2021 09:17)
Underground Adventure, An (13-06-2021 07:59)
Christian Text Adventure #1 (13-06-2021 07:55)
P.H.A.R.T. (12-06-2021 23:07)

Latest Comments

Scary Mutant Space Aliens From Mars (ransom, 13-06-2021 08:00)
Semi-Detached at the End of the Street, The (devwebcl, 07-06-2021 02:47)
Zork II: The Wizard of Frobozz (Exemptus, 02-06-2021 18:10)
Demon Knight (Hermski, 31-05-2021 10:45)
Valhalla (Hermski, 31-05-2021 09:17)