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16-05-2022 (Gunness)

A cry of "It's alive!" seems to be in order! We're almost halfway through 2022 and our site is still flourishing with several very active contributors. With over 250 new games and more than 175 new solutions added in the past few months, text adventures prove to have a strong endurance.

If we keep this pace within the next year we will reach the milestone of having a massive amount of 10,000 games in our database. Apart from our site there are other, very active text adventure communities. Even in 2022 it is possible to take adventure classes, and interesting new games are still being developed. Check for instance I Doesn’t Exist, which will soon seek crowdfunding.

Contributors: Ambat Sasi Nair, Garry, Strident, Alex, RetroBasic, iamaran, redhighlander, Sylvester, boldir, terri, The Glass Fractal, Exemptus, Dorothy, Mousey, Geoff, Denk, ahope1, eriktorbjorn, urbanghost, auraes, OVL, Voltgloss, Canalboy, Sharpworks, Paul Ingerson, nimusi, Sudders, Oloturia

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Inca Curse


The aim is to explore an Incan temple in order to find golden treasures. There are eight treasures and only six items can be carried in the inventory, so the correct treasures must be collected in order to leave the temple with the maximum score.


Although usually not credited as such, Charles Cecil mentioned Richard Turner as co-author.

The publication history of this game is fairly complex...

It was originally released for ZX80 and ZX81 by Artic as Adventure B in 1981, and was ported to the ZX Spectrum. Artic later used the subtitle Inca Curse as the main title of the game. The game was also released in Sinclair-branded packaging for the ZX81 and ZX Spectrum.

The original 1981 ZX81 version of this game was subtitled Inca Treasure rather than Inca Curse.

The Amstrad CPC version was ported by Dollarsoft and published by Paxman Promotions. The C64 version was initially published in a "basic" version and lated ported and the text expanded by A.W.J. Adam using The Quill.

The Quill'ed C64 version was later published in the U.S. by Real Software as The Temple Curse, as part of the Nick Hardy Adventures.

A C64 version of this game exists with the title Doomtunnel by "Ivysoft" but appears to be merely a cracked version of the original Artic release, with the title screen changed.

An Android version of the game, coded by Lee Parker, was released in 2020 through the Pixel Games UK label of the current rights holder.

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