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27-08-2019 (Gunness)

Gaming pioneer Scott Adams, who has introduced many of us to the adventure genre, is hard at work again. This time around he's creating something called Conversational Adventures, the first title being Adventureland XL. I'm not quite sure what this entails, but among other things voice input is promised. If the first game proves a success, more of Scott's classics might join the series. You can read more (and support the game) over at his Patreon account.

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Ça Va Peter Zorglub!


You play the part of Johnny Proot, a special agent of PET (Protection of the Establishment against Terrorism), who is only called in as a last resort when it is necessary to intervene in cases of extreme danger.

Your mortal enemy, General Zorglub, has developed a new undetectable miniaturised bomb, which he is threatening to use in his attempt to become master of the world. Your mission is to penetrate his bunker, find and destroy the bomb, along with General Zorglub and his cronies. You only have 10 minutes to complete your mission.

The agent that provided PET with this information is held captive in Zorglub's bunker. He can help you find the bomb. Once the bomb is primed, it is up to you to find a means of escape.


This adventure was published in AM-MAG, hors série 7, September 1988, pp. 51-66. The title screen is not included in the article, but may be included with the disk version.

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